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Does monogamy lead to divorce? The very nature of monogamy is conditional love full of requirements and restraints, pulling in reigns, restricting freedom, spontaneity and choice. But the other side of the coin, running wild, sewing oats, following every whim, seems to avoid intimacy. It takes time, connection and intimacy to be truly known, loved and accepted and to allow the person enough feedback to know themself.

Unconditional love is a state of being, a feeling radiating from self towards another. If you set boundaries for self perservation and happiness, can you do so and still love unconditionally?

Polyamory, to me, seems to be the perfect middle path. Monogamy and polyamory, and for that matter swinging, BDSM, fetish, gay, bi, lesbian, all paths have rules, regulations and ways of being, a mindset that on some level allows souls to open to love by recognizing human frailty, acknowledging and loving despite it all

Yet love and involvement are two different things. Healthy individuals set firm psychological emotional and physical boundaries which show that they love themselves first and foremost and will not tolerate abuse and disrespect.

Souls are naturally polyamorous. After life we remember our oneness and reunite with our soul mates, our soul family. We’ve shared and loved in every imaginable way. We’ve been male and female, mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, boss, employee, husband, wife, lover, enemy to each other over and over, lifetime after lifetime, throughout eternity. We’re not only polyamorous, we’re also incestuous. And through this flow, mixing and matching, loving and hating and feeling all emotions humanly possible, we learn how to love totally, completely, unconditionally.

Since we came through the veil, assumed human form and forgot who we truly are, love feels more conditional. But somewhere in the middle of this co-created dream, some of us wake up and remember who we really are–soul mates. We are soul mates with many souls with whom we interact and we also have one primary soul mate who is our twin flame, our split-apart with whom we sometimes meet and mate and sometimes do not even incarnate together. Sometimes we incarnate at the same time and never meet. And sometimes we incarnate together and never do figure out how to get along.

Egos, personalities are different than souls. Souls have eternal awareness of love and use physical incarnations as opportunities to learn lessons necessary for the evolution of our souls and for the progression of he entire human species and the evolution of consciousness for a beings in creation and in all the multi-verses.

Sometimes for some of the lessons we do not incarnate with any of our soul mates or our twin flame. Now that’s a rough life. But for the most part, we come together, some if not all of us, lifetime after lifetime.

Spiritual evolution is why we chose to incarnate and experience life in the first place. Remembering who we are, waking u in the dream and progressing as a soul to the point where we can find our soul mates and learn how to love unconditionally is the way to bring heaven to earth.

We are in actuality engaged in a form of eternal marriage in a group of souls with whom we mix and match in all possible combinations till we get it. Love IS. Form is inconsequential.

And yet, yes, in live we meet, mate, love, have sex, father, give birth, mother, experience it all, love, die, return after love, experience joy, hurt, pain and suffering and remember our oneness.

In death there is clarity of our true nature and interactions with all souls. There we realize the depth and complexity of our dance. Here we can learn how to remember by following our hearts.

With polyamory coupled with maturity and learning how to navigate the waters and recognize eternal love, we can overcome the limitations of the ego, frailties of the human psyche and love our souls mates and include physical love if that so moves us.

I am eternally married to my soul mates. I have been blessed to meet and marry my twin flame, my primary sol mater. Individually we have loved other soul mates and dear ones. All are Beloveds whether or not our egos were capable of working out the dynamics and overcoming cultural conditioning and religious and family-of-origin programming. Despite it all and because of it all, we love, totally, completely, unconditionally.

Yet part of me longs to reunite with all my soul mates. Ideally the challenge is to do it here, on Earth, in physical form. That would be an epiphany, so cool, so groovy if Sasha and I could actually meet and marry our soul mates. It would be bliss if we could recognize, while incarnated in the flesh, that which exists eternally. Heaven on Earth. Now that would be enlightenment.

Maybe some future life. Perhaps soon with all the earth changes and economic collapse we’ll recognize what’s really important rather than going more and more unconscious and turning on one another like dogs fighting over a bone. Wouldn’t it be nice to go through life with dignity and grace and support each other through thick and thin, for better or worse, each committed in life to take feedback and correction and commit to our eternal family, and all its members with whom we are eternally married. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we would commit, that here, now, in this incarnation we’re going to get the lessons we came here to learn and do it right?

In many ways we’re eternally married to all of us. Be we operate under the rules of physicality which includes rules of time and limitations. So realisitically, maybe all we can do is focus on our family, our circle of friends and beloveds. And maybe this time our soul family hasn’t chosen to all incarnate together. But then again, who knows?

Perhaps they have and this is all a test we’ve designed for ourselves to learn how to truly love. Ultimately it doesn’t matter one way or the other because eternally we’re one, we love all and everyone, in fact every thing. So like the 60s song, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”

Notice attractions. That’s your clue. Recognize those with whom you have strong bonds, karma, interactions, intensity, critical incidents, good or bad. That’s probably your soul family.

Make amends. Do charitable and corrective actions. Send love. If you’re loved ones are dead, talk to their spirits. They can hear you for they are now much wiser and have learned much.

I highly recommend that if you’re involved with someone and feel love and attractions towards another or others, negotiate a new contract with your beloved. Learn how to expand your horizon to include all your beloveds because as souls you’re doing it. You can do it here too. But it will take a lot of work, sometimes intense, extreme work to overcome your programming, face your fears and negativity and projections.

But if you do, you will grow exponentially. I know because that’s the path I’ve chosen. And while it may not have always been conscious, my soul, my ancient, wise soul guided my scared, wounded, Inner Child and human heart until now, I know the beauty of unconditional love. And I do love you all.

I will find my soul family, dead or alive, incarnate or in spirit, for I know we love one another eternally in an eternal marriage. For now, I write to you. I know we are forever connected and in the almost seven billion souls now incarnated, somehow some of us will find each other. I’m not sure if you’re male or female, young or old. But hopefully some of you are just the “right age” for sexual loving to be legal and that we choose to commit to follow our hearts. I pray we work out the dynamics of the ego to create a sacred marriage, a reflection of our eternal love of hearts, and souls, heaven made manifest on Earth.