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An essential part of the coming elevation of consciousness is the new role of the woman in human society. Neural changes will reveal collective patterns in female thinking and action which were present in highly developed archaic societies and which today return on a new level. It concerns a reconnection with the female source and female authority. To make the woman governable and compliant for patriarchy, her connection to the source had to be severed, her ancient sanctuaries destroyed, her natural relation to all co- creatures severed and her sexual wild nature domesticated. The sexual potency of a man could only unfold towards suppressed women. These structures still exist and resist all attempts at reform as long as their core is not recognised. They are a part of the collective trauma. It is in the nature of the present transformation that more and more women recognise these connections and no longer react with hatred and revenge. We see that within a few years a new women’s field will extend over the Earth, in which women rediscover their entelechial role in creation and with gentle force break open their hardened structures to create new fields of power for love and for solidarity with all that lives. Men will experience the miracle of female acceptance and take off their macho costumes. They will no longer go to war. Maybe this is the deepest point that we can foresee: ALL WAR WILL BE ENDED BY ENDING THE HISTORICAL WAR BETWEEN THE GENDERS. We will experience these things in the first half of the twenty-first century.


All these processes together lead to a basic paradigm shift in our thinking and actions. Science, religion, art and Eros, urban development, technology and ecology will look fundamentally different at the end of the twenty-first century than what they are at its beginning. The whole process brings light to bodily existence and the material world, which had become too dense. Now it is becoming more permeable, more transparent and more subtle. This is true for all matter, also for the human body. An ancient wisdom is revealing itself: the material world is not only ruled by physical energies but also by energies of the geist and soul, and can therefore be changed through geist. Humankind will become able to quickly and easily change material structures by the power of thought. A new movement for research and limitless discoveries is beginning, comparable with contemporary computer development. Bodies are no longer heavy because of the old trauma. Love has become a universal power. Its frequencies heal old wounds. The collective “no” to the impulses of life, originating from the long historic war will be replaced by a collective “yes”. The collective amnesia will be dissolved by a collective process of remembering. Humankind will return to its common source on a higher level: to the deep connection with all that lives. Towards the one. As God acts in the connection of all beings.

The date 2012 also stands for the unification of powers of consciousness which so far could not find connection. As part of this trend towards unity, cosmic powers will connect with Earthly powers, powers of the geist with powers of the body, Marian powers with sexual powers, Christ powers with political powers, scientific powers with mythological powers, technical powers with powers of the art. From such new connections, those structures so far named “dissipative structures” by science will arise: new previously unknown compositions and syntheses. A new planetary community will develop from the synergy of the streams, consisting of many different elements of the Earth’s inhabitants. The movement is already taking place. It consists of a connection between Eastern mysticism and Western science, Hopis and Europeans, shamans and modern hi-tech specialists, and between musicians in Sao Paolo, Lisbon, Jerusalem and Tamera. Very soon, places will develop on Earth where the models for a new planetary culture will arise from such connections. The information of such models will be spread over the Earth and lead to the establishment of many new centres. We see a shining network of such establishments across the Earth already by 2020, in which the foundations will definitely be laid for a new world without fear or war.

Let us work together for a new vision of the post-apocalyptic time. A new Earth is actually in preparation. We thank you in the name of all fellow beings for your collaboration.

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