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Welcome to the World Polyamory Association

    Investigate the possibilities of a polyamorous (more than one love) lifestyle.  Ask us how you can make more love in your life, relate from your highest self with your lovers and housemates, uplevel jealousy into compersion (joy at your lovers' joy), and give them each the attention, companionship, touch and sexual-loving they need.  The World Polyamory Association's (WPA) CONFERENCES and workshops feature speakers and facilitators (PRESENTER REGISTRATION FORM) who present workshops on: empathetic active listening, poly relationship styles and systems, imago healing, relationship imaging, non-violent compassionate communications, Voice Dialogue centering, tantric activation, sex magic for your lovelife, chakra balancing, energy clearing, communication skills, poly relating and dating, poly childrearing, poly activism and much, much more.   

     Poly amory , loving more than one person at the same time, is always a good choice.  No problem, love many.  

  But Poly sexuality, more than one lover?  Polyamory with polysexuality-one of several relationship options-works well for some people some of the time.  But so, too, do any of the other relationship options--monogamy, singlehood, even celibacy works for other people some of the time.

     Choose.  World Polyamory Association advocates CHOICE.  Be the chooser, decider, author of this chapter of your life.  WPA wants you to make discerning choices that serve you.  Make choices that facilitate your personal growth and evolution and at the same time honor and respect the people you commit to love.

     You have relationship options - monogamy, celibacy, open marriage, pair-bonded inclusive relating, triads (man-woman-man, woman-man-woman, man-man-man, woman-woman-woman) polyfidelity, loving networks, group marriage, multi-generational line marriage, and more. You have heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual alternatives within each.  You have many spiritual practices and value systems to chose--to mix and match with your relationship options, styles and sexual orientation.  What is most important is that you are the chooser and that you come from choice.  

     Though you consult others, ultimately, you make your own choices - choices consonant with your stage of life, experience, needs at the time.

    Same sex marriages are sanctioned in open-minded, progressive areas worldwide.  Debates abound.  Laws are  launched.  Legislation's lobbied.  Madonna tongues Brittany Spears, live, in front of millions.  Swinger Clubs open everywhere, around the globe.  Ladies at the clubs embrace bisexuality openly, willingly. Men curious, lag behind, but how far?

     Society, sick of infidelity, longs for honesty and openness.  When will we at last free to be who we really are instead of hiding our thoughts, wants, desires and longings from everyone, including our mates?

     Time for play.  The sun's shining, rainbow's bright. A new day is dawning.  The past becomes the now.  We come full circle into the Golden Age.

     Bonobo "chimps," our biologically closest cousins, show us the eroticism of our natural, animal natures.  No longer fooled by domination programming, we free ourselves from "sin" and cultural inhibitions that served the Piscean age of patriarchy.  Free, we realize we've outgrown  ancient, restrictive ideas that no longer serve our new, centered, balanced male to female, yinyang, Aquarian partnership society.   As we make love not war with renewed enthusiasm, we embrace a more civilized civilization that honors the uniqueness and special qualities of one and all and recognize sexual freedom as a healthy expressions of our true nature.

    We move into an era of new awareness and freedom while we simultaneously experience the pressure of increasing potential restrictions imposed upon us by those who feel threatened by our ability to be free.  Unchallenged, they would rob us of our choice to be who we truly are. 

      In 1816 Thomas Jefferson wrote to Mrs. H. Harrison Smith the following:

     "I never told my own religion nor scrutinized that of another.  I never attempted to make a convert, nor wished to change another's creed.  I am satisfied that yours must be an excellent religion to have produced a life of such exemplary virtue and correctness.  For it is in our lives, and not from our words, that our religion must be judged."

     Stand tall and firm, proud to be who you are.  You are wise enough to decide for yourself what suits you in each moment as you journey through life.   

July 29, Noon -July 31, 10PM, 2011

Celebrate this delightful, informative, stimulating and growth-inducing conference at Harbin Hot Springs, in Middletown, California (2 hours north of San Francisco)

Pay, 2011,

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July 29, Noon -July 31, 10PM, 2011

Celebrate this delightful, informative, stimulating and growth-inducing conference at Harbin Hot Springs, in Middletown, California (2 hours north of San Francisco)


* What Works for You!
* What's Fun for You!
What's New and Interesting in the Poly world!
Lead a discussion
Present Tantra experiential exercises geared to polys
Demonstrate communication techniques that facilitate polyamory
Jealousy Management
* Negotiation methods
* Perform poly-oriented music or dance or artistry
* Intimacy enhancement methods.
* Polyactism
* Explore what's worked and what hasn't ...

... or whatever else your creative brilliant mind can come up with
that other polys might find fun, illuminating, inspiring, uplifting,
healing, fun, informative, instructive, entertaining or fun. (Did we
mention FUN?)

Note: Lecture-style events or abstract/theoretical presentations do
NOT go over well, while audience participation/ interactive events are usually
MUCH MORE popular.

All events should directly relate to polyamory, polyfidelity, triading, sexual poding, open
relationships or other forms of consensual non-monogamy.

Application Deadline: Send your presenter application before May 15, 2011.  The organizing committee will get back to you within a few days later.

See a two-minute video about the conference on the link below:
http://video. videoplay? docid=4213542623 747936859& q=polyamory+
conference&total=55& start=0&num= 10&so=0&type= search&plindex= 1

Link to Presenters Form for the Harbin CA PolyCon11, Come aboard. July 29 -31

In case you've never been there before, you'll love Harbin. Harbin

Hot Springs, CA near Middleton (two hours from both San Francisco),
nestles on 1200 acres of beautiful canyon land. It offers natural
healing waters (hot, warm and cold pools), miles of hiking trails.
The Poly Conference's area is totally private within Harbin; in our
area, we can be openly affectionate and even sexual. Harbin is a
clothes-optional facility.

Presenters who wish are listed as Faculty of the World Polyamory
Association. As one of our presenters, your listing on our web site
links to a your description of the workshops you present for the
WPA. Your presentation will be archived and permanently listed on the
WPA. Your listing includes a link to your web site, your
biography and a link to your products page on your site.

Presenters get:

*A partial waiver of fees for the conference. We pay a Harbin Admin Fee per
person and the Harbin caterer that comes with the Conference Center a meals cost. Our presenters, as an act of generosity for the polyamory movement, actually pay these fees to help the poly movement. For the last 6 years we've collected less money than we spent to put on the Harbin conferences. WPA charges as little as it can.

*Free space to sell their products and display promotional

*Free World Polyamory Association Membership for one year.

Presentations are a minimum of 1 hour. Workshops are usually 60-90

POLYAMOROUS POWOWS by Sasha Lessin, www.worldpolyamory@

Poly Conferences provide participants perfect places to contact potential lovers.
At conferences like the "Create and Enhance Conscious Polyamorous
Relationships" at Harbin Hot Springs California this July 29-31, you can meet and
quickly get to know people with whom you might fall in love--or at least in
attraction enough to know if you want to consider as possible intimates.

Some polys get together in these conferences every year with lovers from other
parts of the country, meet new lovers, learn techniques to make multiple
intimacies ever-more satisfying.

Poly newbies learn in the conferences from us old-timers what works well as wewean ourselves from the monogamous matrix and find freedom and fulfillment with
new soulmates and pod participants.

Some folks are monogamous most of the year but celebrate polyamory at conference
time. Others make contacts and make arrangements to get together beyond the
conference, even to create polyfidelous families or ongoing poly pods.

The seminars at a conference like the Harbin World Polyamory Conference offer
structured relating exercises, discussions of pair dating, open marriage, triad
formation and maintenance, as well as cuddle parties, group massage and yoga
classes where you can talk to, touch and interview like-minded folk who, like
you, seek multiple lovers and a community that supports the polyamorous

The seminars teach you how to advertise yourselves on the internet, deal with
straight relatives, employers and Sarah Palins.

Conferences like these, springing up all over the U.S. and Europe, let you know
you are not alone. You can love more and have more love for yourself and enjoy
your lovers loving more. You learn there are techniques to keep loving more
pleasurable and growthful and transform potentially painful interaction
into ecstatic multiperson loving.

This year we move again into our favorite venue, Harbin's Conference Center.

It's our private, gated, sex-positive celebrative community, complete with its own huge group room, breakaway areas, two hot pools and camping area. Harbin

Caterers dish up yummy food.

Camp, sleep in a group room or your rv. 

I’ll be there to welcome newbies, M.C. the program and facilitate your experience living in this real-life poly community for three days.

Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

 Want to help Janet with logistics? 808 244-4103

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