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Stuart Mark Berlin

8:26am Jul 13, 2011

Dear Janet and Sash, Very intense and beautiful description of divine union and bliss being generated for world healing. I look forward to meeting you both at the conference, when I will be speaking about the sex magic of tantric kabbalah. Definitely serving the same purpose as you. love and light, Stuart/Shemesh

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John Schultz

6:13pm Jul 12, 2011

Janet - your words flowed to full expression and the journaling of your pleasure transported the essence of the experience exquisitely. There must be a time to come to the island and meet, discover and transcend.

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Sasha Alex Lessin Ph.D.

10:11am Jul 12, 2011


When you experience, as I did, two or more of your male poly
lovers simultaneous entering you in tantric oneness, you open your
inner stargate, touch the face of God and remember your source. As
you embrace two or even three magic wands, the lingams (as we call
penises) with your most sensitive inner sensual shrines, you feel
ecstasy, get total personal and transpersonal recall. You drop
concepts of physics, science and religion and instead zoom, as your
multidimensional self, through space and time. You and the beloveds
entering you merge with divinity, source of all inchoate forms.
Home, you experience everything everyone told you as illusion and, at
the same time, truth.

I had my multiple penetration satori the third night at a
month-long love-in Sasha and I hosted for nine lovers (five women and
four men) on Maui. We'd filled half our spacious living room with
colorfully-covered mattresses. Two of the women were new to us, but
we'd vetted them carefully and knew we'd go deep with them. Awkward
at first, all nine of us eased into nude housekeeping and, by the
third evening, lovemaking.

Up to that third evening together, I'd shared some tantric
breath, fondling, kissing and genital honoring with some, but I
mostly made passionate love with Sash. We nine morphed from one
kamasutra-like sexual configuration to the next.

As Sasha lay on his back, I lowered myself onto his wand. We
held each other's gaze, then tongue-kissed; our tongues stroked
sacred erotic sectors in each other's mouths.

I opened my cave and took him inside, hugging his wand with
my yoni (vagina), I again got who Sash and I truly are: ancient
lovers in modern form. I saw, in the mirror, my tiny, porcelain-like
body draped over his deeply tanned athletic form.

We moved our pelvises in our eternal rhythm. Sash delicately
tapped, then probed my rosebud (as we call the anal opening) with his
finger, preparing me for delights to come. My amrita (female
ejaculate) flowed and we sang out in the rising momentum of our

Then new hands, not Sasha's, reverently caressed my bottom. I
turned and saw Woody--our beautiful slender, blond, long-time lover–ask me with his eyes to join us. "Yes, please," I invited.

I leaned forward, breasts against Sasha's chest. Woody, from
behind me, eased his wand to where Sasha and I joined genitals. I
opened my amrita-lubricated yoni to let Woody's wand snuggle in, a
millimeter at a time, next to Sasha's. Both lingams fully inside, I
squeezed my pc muscles on them and they both swelled within me. I
felt the electricity of Woody's and Sasha's wands against each other
as both gradually expanded deeper into me. I quivered as waves of
bliss radiated from my yoni where my guys' penises pulsed. Waves of
bliss became a continuously pulse of pleasure for all three of us as
Sasha and Woody's penises reached my A- spot, the erogenous area next
to my cervix. The three of us lost our separate self-senses,
experienced triadic consciousness. I'd heard that some sages achieve
pure grace, but never believed I could while alive. But here I was
in continuous euphoric bliss, one unending Oneness.

Allness engulfed not only Sash, Woody and me, but also the
others on our giant mattress. All nine of us shared this divine
space and joined our sacred worship of the magnificence of the
Universe. I felt the cosmos open. Floor, walls, ceiling, all
physical things dissolved. We nine shed the time/space continuum and
stood in the stars. The void embraced us, absorbed us in the
magnificence of creation and simultaneous stillness. Even the solar
winds paused to hear the divine prayer in the form of our loving
congress. All that there is, was and will be witnessed us as we
reunited with Source. I was the orgasm, the orgiastic energy, the
divine spark that created us all.

You too can use group synergy, tantric lovemaking,
polyamorous merging and multiple penetration to achieve the state of
pure Sex Magick necessary to take women to this divine state needed
to heal the world. With the intention of pure love and respect for
life and all consciousness, we can shift the Morphogenic Field and
create higher love and light. Together we stop war, pollution,
overpopulation, disease and hunger. Our natural state is loving
oneness. Multiple loving allows us to feel oneness and is
instrumental in providing Earth and all her peoples a civilized
civilization that respects all life. Through our love, we give every
one of us the peace, love, dignity and grace we deserve.

Excerpt from Janet's forthcoming book with Sasha: POLYAMORY: MORE
Synergistic Sacred Sex & Reverential Relationships in The PolyTantric Lovestyle

Janet Kira Lessin, Chief Focalizer for the World Polyamory
Association, is featured speaker at the Annual Harbin Hot Springs
Polyamory Conference, "Celebrate Relationship Choice, July 29 -31,
Harbin Hot Springs, CA. See