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A = Art of Loving Conference, Chicago, IL, September 30-October 2, 2005
B = Brym Mawr, PA  Polyamory Conference, September 23-25, 2005
C - Chicago, IL Tantra Weekend - June 24-26, 2005
H = Harbin Hot Springs,CA Polyamory Conference - June 17-19, 2005
L = Laguna Beach. CA Polyamory Conference - October 22-24, 2004

How to Become a Faculty Member

How to Become a Faculty Member


Anonymous MA, MFT is a speaker, author of the best selling book ("Don't be Nice, Be Real - Balancing Passion for Self with Compassion for Others. COVER TEXT: A Handbook to compassionate communication") featured in Elle and Shape magazine, humorist, singer, & licensed therapist in private practice.  He keynotes conventions (National Montessori), has many TV and Radio appearences, is an authorized trainer for the international Center for Nonviolent Communication, and has trained thousands in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.

He lives a nontradition relationship lifestyle, was the Keynote Speaker for the Loving More Conference 2004, and has taught in the Zegg Commune in Germany.  He trains, presents and consults with groups, corporations (Tony Robbins, Paul Mitchell), churches (all flavors), schools, (U.Cal.L.B, Body/Mind College), clubs and various organizations.

 Don't Be Nice, Be Real

The Basic steps to Nonviolent communication


Featured at these World Polyamory Association Conferences:
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Scott Catamas

Scott has been actively involved with exploring Sacred Sexuality, Tantra and Alternative Lifestyles for over 25 years.  He is an EMMY award winning writer and producer, with a long list of credits.  He has created hundreds of hours of television programming for HBO, FOX, NBC, UPN, SHOWTIME and national syndication.   He wrote and produced a popular feature film, entitled MEN IN LOVE, that presented Sacred Sexuality and Homo-Erotic Passion in a very positive way.

Scott has a long history of combining his talents and interests in communication, with themes that stretch well beyond the mainstream.  He has played a role in introducing many new ideas, authors, visionaries, teachers and concepts to the world via film, television, theatre, and even web sites.

As co-founder of THE LOVE TEMPLE in Bel Air, Scott hosted many events, classes and workshops that explored greater Sex, Love,  Intimacy.  He has worked with some of the most popular teachers, authors and visionaries in these fields.  Most recently, Scott has completed a four hour instructional video/DVD titled MARGOT ANAND's SECRET KEYS TO THE ULTIMATE LOVE LIFE.  

Scott has been studying Nonviolent Communication (aka: NVC or Compassionate Communication) for four years, and has produced popular videos on the subject.  He has been working, playing and teaching in Marin County, Southern California & Hawaii for the past 20 years. 

Scott's contact Information:, Phone: 415-902-6682


Active in the San Francisco Bay Area poly community since 1996, Dawn & Akien have been serving as relationship coaches since 1998, mentoring others to create extraordinary relationships with their partners and with themselves.  Akien and Dawn have conducted workshops on relationship development (including at the last three West Coast Loving More conferences), and have created study groups on personal growth, safer sex, and various poly issues. They have been interviewed for television on the subject of polyamory, with segments appearing in Los Angeles and Sweden, and are the hosts of the San Leandro Poly Pool Party. They have been married for approaching 15 years, have two amazing children, and are dedicated to creating intentional extended family and community.

Dawn Davidson had her first conscious poly experience in Georgia in 1984, and has gone on to experience many varieties and forms of poly-dating -relating and -loving. She holds a bachelor's degree in Genetics from UC Berkeley, has visited Japan to sing with her Early Music quartet (with whom she has sung for more than 20 years) and enjoys canning, costuming and cats, among her many other interests. Making connections among people and being a clearinghouse for information is something she does on the same level as breathing.

has been poly for more than 20 years, though he only found out there was a name for it 10 years ago. His progress in this field has been a direct result of marrying. Primarily self-educated, he's avidly pursued learning in many less-traditional ways, including workshops on relationships and self-development with Landmark Education, Dan Millman and Lori Starr. His
wide-ranging interests include neurochemistry, comparative religion, relationships, history, and broadsword fighting. He believes that we're all our own best teachers.

Dawn & Akien: Featured at these World Polyamory Association Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004,
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Theodore Desmarias
Lay Minister,Unitarian Universalist Association
POB 20663
Sedona,AZ 86341, USA
602-400-7769, 602-400-7769


David Doleshal, Ph. D. has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of California, Irvine. He has been studying innovative techniques for the healing of emotional issues for more than 18 years. He is currently the President of Prosearch, - a non-profit organization that offers guidance and coaching in matters related to career. He is also the director of Saturnia Regna, - a Political Action Committee specifically organized for the promotion of the cause of polyamory.  

Dave is featured at these World Polyamory Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Ed Jor-El Elkin, Ph. D. is a Psychologist and an Evolutionary Agent  with a professional emphasis on Conscious Evolution  and a broad background in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

He was recently named "Globalman" in an article in the Maui Weekly

He has presented workshops at Bi-Sexual Conferences, at the California Men's Gathering, and at Men's Retreats at Kalani Honua on Big Island.

He has had both long-term and short-term relationships with men and women, separately and together.

Dr. Elkin is a divorced father of a 31 year old daughter,  maintains a friendship with his ex-wife and is currently living with his significant other near Hana on Maui.

Ed Jor-El Elkin
PO Box 811,
Hana, HI 96713
Phones:  Cell: 808-264-1506; Home :  808-248-7543

Ed is featured at these World Polyamory Association Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Terry Brussel Gibbons, Paul Brussel Gibbons,
& Marcus Brussel Jenkins


Professional hypnotist Terry Brussel Gibbons  has been in private practice since 1969 and is the director of Success Center in with hypnotists now using her Seven Keys to Self Actualization system throughout the United States and Canada. She and her husbands Paul and Marcus have been involved in Multiply committed relationships since the 70 s.  They give workshops for such groups as science fiction conventions, Loving More, and Lifestyles.

      Terry is also a fourth generation matchmaker and director of Marriage Minded Introductions. She, Paul and Marcus coordinate Live the Dream, an education and support group for those who, originally inspired by the writings of such authors as Robert Heinlein, Robert Rimmer and Marion Zimmer Bradley are now ready to LIVE such alternative lifestyles as cooperative living, open relationships and  group marriage.  Much of their personal belief system is based on Stranger in a Strange Land.  Live the Dream is affiliated with Church of All Worlds, a real life organization (since 1968) based on Heinlein's fictional one.

Phone : 818-361-6737
Home: 818-989-2923 Day 

Click HERE for more photos and information on Terry, Paul & Marcus

Terry, Paul & Marcus are featured at these World Polyamory Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Drs. Steven Vogue and Anastas Harris have been Tantra teachers for 10 years and have had a Tantric, polyamorous relationship for 19 years. They belong to a poly family of beloveds, of about 26 individuals,  who they meet with for an extended weekend approximately every three months, usually at their home. They present workshops on Tantra and Polyamory and do private Tantric coaching with couples and singles. 
Anastas and Steven teach the art of super-conscious, sacred sex, by creating a Tantric relationship with their clients, and, if they are a couple, bring them into Tantric relationship with each other. They teach Tantric skills and awareness, including Ejaculation Mastery, Full Body Orgasm and a sex that is based on creating a union of the sexual and spiritual energies.  Their clients learn the art of running and transmitting life force sexual energy, in the context of the Sacred Heart Space, rather than friction sex.  They assist their clients to overcome their sexual challenges and experience extended bliss in love-making. They are co-authoring a book on female orgasm. 

Steven and Anastas teach out of their coastal, north San Diego, California home where they have a Tantric bed and breakfast.  Couples who wish to do so can enjoy the Tantric bed and breakfast service while taking a Tantric training. They are well known for their Tantric workshop “The Intimacy Oil Experience” and invite you to be on their mailing list for this and other events.   Anastas is also a psychological therapist and Steven, a chiropractor and naturopath.  
Poly Bio
Professional Bio
Steven's Bio
Anastas's Bio

San Diego - North County, California
Phone: 760-929-9988
Web sites:,

Anastas and Steve are featured at these World Polyamory Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

Steven Vogue and Anastas Harris presented the Laguna Beach, 2004 Post-Conference, October 24, 2005: 
Living Compersion: An Experiential and Tantric Workshop

Wilton Jones has been taking intimate photographs of people since 1992.  In his newest work he is documenting the more intimate, normally private, erotic side of people, as individuals, as couples, and in extended poly families.  He and his partner, Sue, have had numerous poly relationships, owned a ranch, built two software companies, spent time on a sailboat and raised three children over the 30+ years they have been journeying together.

Wilton: Featured at these World Polyamory Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

Harold Kornylak, D.O. has many years of experience as a healer, teacher and therapist.  Along with extensive training in body-mind therapies, he is a Certified Tantra Educator and has studied personally with some of the most well-known teachers in this field. 

Harold: Featured at these World Polyamory Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Donald Michael Kraig 

Donald Michael Kraig graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy.  He has also studied public speaking and music (traditional and experimental) on the university level. After a decade of personal study and practice, he began ten years of teaching courses in the Southern California area on such topics as Kabalah, Tarot, Magic, Tantra, and Sex Magick. He has been a member of many spiritual and magical groups and is an initiated Tantric. Currently studying for a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy, Don has lectured all over the U.S. and in Europe. His books include Modern Sex Magick and Modern Magick, which has sold over 125,000 copies worldwide. He has also contributed to several books including Ecstasy Through Tantra.

Don began a triad relationship while still in college, but it failed due to jealousies and old-style thinking. He later moved to San Diego where he became a part of the Lifestyle.  He soon became a regular contributor to Friends and Lovers, the leading Southern California lifestyle paper of that time. 

He moved to Minnesota and became involved with several people in undefined Poly  relationships.  He traveled some, then settled in Venice Beach, California, where he enjoys loving relationships and exploring how love can help relationships grow rather than limiting individual’s potentials.

Don: Featured at these World Polyamory Association Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Janet Kira Lessin, P.T.S., Director & CEO of the World Polyamory Association, the School of Tantra and the World Peace Association leads seminars and  conferences with a focus on the the fields of tantra, psychology, relationships, polyamory, UFOlogy, ancient anthropology, alternative realties, speculative theories, physics and peace.  Janet has devoted her life to the healing of the planet.  She realizes true healing originates within each individual and expands by the power of love till it envelopes all humanity. 

     She is convinced that through workshops and conferences like the ones she leads, conferences that focus on evolution and spiritual growth ,combined with personal introspection, reflection and a commitment by individuals to take responsibility and heal, humanity can transform and create a civilized civilization that respects consciousness in all its diversity.  This new paradigm of a conscious society honors individuality and creative expression.  The paradigm includes creativity through relationships.  Relationships are a high spiritual path for growth and transformation--unlike sexual repression which leads to violence.  Humankind needs to honor individual choice in regards to sex to evolve to its highest potential, transcend violence and end war.  Polyamory is a positive, passionate path to peace.

    Janet and her husband, Sasha are healers, teachers, relationship counselors and psychotherapists. They've been married, polyamorously since 1997. They've appeared in seven television shows promoting polyamory: Leeza Gibbons, Inside Edition, Extra, Time Zone International, Talk or Walk, John Walsh and Penn & Teller's Bullshit and a documentary, Intimacy. They were featured in Time, Hustler, Honolulu Weekly and Playboy and have appeared on numerous radio shows.   They live in Maui, Hawaii, have an active therapy practice and school where they teach tantra, counseling and relationships. They travel frequently to reach a larger audience, teach and help those in need.  

Janet has written a personal account of her life as a polyamorist, Loving More: The Poly Tantric Lovestyle (available in the author's edition) .

Maui, Hawaii
Phone: 808-244-4103
Web sites:,,,

Janet Kira and Sasha: Featured at these World Polyamory Association Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. (U.C.L.A.).  A poly psychotherapist and relationship counselor since the 1970s, Sasha and wife Janet counsel relationship choice--making yourself the chooser.  The Lessins lead polyamory training groups at conferences and their home in Maui, Hawaii.  Counseling, teaching in workshops and now, in their book, More Loving Loving More: Synergistic Sacred Sex & Reverential Relationships for Three or More Lovers, Sasha and Janet share the tantric and psychospirital techniques they use to create, nourish and celebrate poly pairs, triads, moresomes, networks and lovenests.

Maui, Hawaii
Phone: 808-244-4103
Web sites:,,,

Janet Kira and Sasha are featured at these World Polyamory Association Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Les Nuckles is a trained and practicing sexual surrogate.  He has helped women overcome issues involving lack of self esteem, poor body image, lack of experience and trust issues.  He has helped them overcome issues that were holding them back from enjoying richer, fuller, more robust sexual relationships. He was featured in an interview in the June 2003 issue of Psychology Today.  Les is also a professional massage therapist and a Watsu Practioner. He lives and practices in Southern California.

Les, and his wife Jan, have been together for over 5 years.  They met at a poly potluck in Southern California and have been together ever since.  Les has always felt poly even before he became aware of the word.  He has always experienced feelings for a number of people and wondered why it was "not alright" to love more then one person.  He discovered the word Polyamory on the internet in 1999 and has been openly practicing that lifestyle since then.

Les and Jan live in a clothing optional resort in southeast Orange County in Southern California.

Les was featured at the World Polyamory Conference, Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

Master Rex has been exploring the nature of relationship in traditional and kink environments for a number of decades. Influential thinkers include Harville Hendrix, Marshall Rosenberg, Jan Spiller, Martha Beck, Gerard Jampolski, Marianne Williamson and Ted Thomas.

”Endeavoring to raise consciousness one thought at a time.”

Master Rex includes keywords: polyamory, swinging, acting ,music, trading, pisces, venture, capital, communication, health, pleasure, joy, fun, peace, spirit, comfort, internet, beach, grace, love, transparency, ethics.


Miss Jane, M.Ed., is a person who likes stalking wild categories and dangerous labels in their natural habitats.  Her eclectic professional background includes practicing marriage and family therapy, facilitating communication skills training in Outward Bound -style experiences and post-grad study in health promotion and public policy

She has led workshops over the last 17 years on a variety of topics, including parenting skills, healing through patterned breathing and developing global consciousness.  She is currently writing a book about cultivating spiritual awareness through sexuality, with an emphasis on insights earned from recent immersion in the kink arena.

Jane has aligned philosophically with the polyamorous lifestyle for almost 30 years.  She lives ecstatically in a triad with her husband of 11 years and a woman she has known for over 20 years.   She also enjoys her ongoing spirit-expanding and multi-dimensional relationship with Master Rex.

Master Rex & Miss Jane Featured at: Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Ted Thomas appears in numerous books (Market Wizards, New Market Wizards, Trend Following) as an investor and investor trainer. His website at chronicles his pioneering work with promoting personal as well as financial growth.  His “Fred-ian” approach includes viewing all feelings as valuable, creating body metaphors or forms for emotional states, resolving these forms by combining them, and conducting the process in a supportive Tribal environment.  His methods help re-frame fears as productive resources on your emotional control panel – and helps convert your interpersonal conflicts into bases for deeply satisfying intimacy.  Participants report beneficial results in vocational and personal areas, especially in relationships. Ed holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Management from MIT, lives on Lake Tahoe, is 58 years old and plays the banjo.

Ed: Featured at the World Polyamory Conference, Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

Shama Malin, CHt, CDC, TDE

For more than a decade, Shama has been a dynamic force in the Los Angeles community. As lecturer, writer and media personality, she has brought a renewed sense of potential for a better life and world to all those she touches. She has a successful private practice working with individuals and couples bettering their lives and relationships through her talents and training in many different counseling and healing modalities.

Shama offers over 10 years of experience as a hypnotherapist and chemical dependency counselor. She is also trained in Tantra, shamanic psychology and various healing techniques in energy and bodywork. As an educator, group facilitator, and counselor, she specializes in sexual, chemical, and self-esteem Issues and alternative lifestyles.

Click here for Shama's Poly Bio and more pics

Phone: (818) 781-2775

Shama: featured at the following World Polyamory Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Sophia Songhealer 

Sophia, who calls herself a songhealer, has been providing musical inspiration for countless gatherings since the 60's.   Her music and her "voice of gold, full of power and love" open the heart and help us connect with each other, our Selves and our precious Mother Earth. 

Since 1978, Sophia has released ten powerful and hauntingly beautiful recordings, extended musical journeys featuring exquisite arrangements by virtuoso musicians, which create a deep and sacred tapestry of sound.   She dedicates her work to the embodiment of the Goddess in all her many glorious forms,  and to the healing of our selves and our world.   A "cult" favorite among healers, massage therapists, tantric yogis and lovers, she is excited to join you!

Sophia: Featured at these World Polyamory Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

John Terry

John Terry is a successful businessman and former conservative, non-denominational ordained minister, teacher and counselor. Having embraced polyamory, living a ‘‘double-life’’ and subsequently leaving the ministry, John draws upon the skills, hard lessons and knowledge he’s gained from immersion in both cultures over more than twenty years. Through his combined experience of having lived in opposite worlds, coupled with a strong sense of compassion for those outside of his chosen lifestyle, John brings fresh insights along with a sober minded, yet light-hearted, understanding of the human spirit. Those with an interest in dealing with the delicate issues of being ‘‘out’’, or experienced the pain and loss of having been ‘‘outed’’ will profit from his presentation.

John Terry’s Polyamorous lifestyle began in the mid-1990s. He is presently living in a poly household in the Bay Area of Northern California with his wife of thirty years, a female ‘‘spice’’ and another male. Their quad has been together for two years.

 Featured at: Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 18, 2005

Leanna Wolfe, Ph.D. is a social anthropologist and a sexologist specializing in the dynamics of multiple partner sexuality. She did her doctoral research on "Jealousy and Transformation in Polyamorous Relationships".  She has been a professor of anthropology for upwards of 20 years, designing specialized courses including Gender, Sex & Culture and Magic, Religion & Witchcraft.

Her research has taken her to the hinterlands of East Africa, the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Cuba, Mexico and Bali. She has been featured widely on TV, radio, and in print and is the author of Women Who May Never Marry.

For more information on Leanna Wolfe's poly history read, Adding a Co-Wife, When One Lover is Not Enough and As the Other Shoe Drops.

Education: see web page:
Credentials: Ph.D. Sexology 2003 Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (San Francisco)
MA Anthropology 1980 New School for Social Research (New York City)
BA Anthropology 1975 UC Berkeley

To see Leanna's extended bio, click HERE.

Dr. Leanna Research
5105 Williams Place
Los Angeles, CA  90032
home: 323.223.1507

Leanna: Featured at these World Polyamory Association Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004


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