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Moses Ma

Moses Ma is attempting to live the life of a modern Taoist. Over the years, he's enjoyed various professional incarnations, including a career as a bestselling videogame designer, an artist, a technology visionary, an entrepreneur, a venture capitalist, a photographer, a poet, a scientist and a physicist, a Buddhist and a Taoist, and a martial artist to boot. But above all else, he is an emerging filmmaker.
During his life, he has participated in many exciting intellectual adventures - everything from digging ditches near the Grand Canyon with the noted astro-geologist Gene Shoemaker, to attending the lectures of the Nobel prizing winning physicist Richard Feynman, to investigating sensory isolation with John Lilly. Later in life, he traveled to Asia to study meditation and psychic phenomena, designed two of the world's best selling computer games - including the world's first commercially successful Internet multi-player game, built an uncapitalized high tech startup into a Top 100 US software publisher, co-developed Internet standards with IBM, and has been noted as an Internet visionary by Time Magazine and the New York Times. Currently, he is an innovation consultant and runs a boutique venture incubator in San Francisco, and on the side, is learning the art of filmmaking - with several exciting projects in production. One venture is The Spirituality Network - a new Internet portal that aims to deliver transformational education to the New Age market.
Also, he has studied many systems of meditation, but closest to his heart is the Complete Reality School of classical Taoism, into which he was initiated in 1981. His love of Taoism, meditation, martial arts and tantra has infused his entire life. Therefore, his is a Taoist approach to polyamory. His philosophy is simple: "if you can form a connection to a higher state of awareness within ourselves and with the benevolent universal energy that surrounds us, I believe that it is possible for all of us to tap into the 'suchness' and beauty of the present moment... when the mind becomes still and we can finally see a core of bliss within the diamond of this moment.  If our livelihood, our relationships, and our moment to moment lives can draw strength from this source of wisdom/energy, then an amazing life will flow. Only ecstasy can heal."

Polyamory Bio
On the scale of polyamorous desire, rated from 0 to 6 (just like Kinsey's scale), I have desired, lived and survived from 0 to 6. I've been semi-open as a poly for the last ten years.

Active in the San Francisco Bay Area poly community since 1996, Dawn & Akien have been serving as relationship coaches since 1998, mentoring others to create extraordinary relationships with their partners and with themselves.  Akien and Dawn have conducted workshops on relationship development (including at the last three West Coast Loving More conferences), and have created study groups on personal growth, safer sex, and various poly issues. They have been interviewed for television on the subject of polyamory, with segments appearing in Los Angeles and Sweden, and are the hosts of the San Leandro Poly Pool Party. They have been married for approaching 15 years, have two amazing children, and are dedicated to creating intentional extended family and community.

Dawn Davidson had her first conscious poly experience in Georgia in 1984, and has gone on to experience many varieties and forms of poly-dating -relating and -loving. She holds a bachelor's degree in Genetics from UC Berkeley, has visited Japan to sing with her Early Music quartet (with whom she has sung for more than 20 years) and enjoys canning, costuming and cats, among her many other interests. Making connections among people and being a clearinghouse for information is something she does on the same level as breathing.

has been poly for more than 20 years, though he only found out there was a name for it 10 years ago. His progress in this field has been a direct result of marrying. Primarily self-educated, he's avidly pursued learning in many less-traditional ways, including workshops on relationships and self-development with Landmark Education, Dan Millman and Lori Starr. His
wide-ranging interests include neurochemistry, comparative religion, relationships, history, and broadsword fighting. He believes that we're all our own best teachers.

Dawn & Akien: Featured at these World Polyamory Association Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Veronica Monet

Veronica Monet is a Certified Sexologist and Sex Educator.  She can help you change the channel on your love life! Whether you want out of a failing marriage or to enjoy more meaningful sex with your mate, Veronica knows what is required to achieve measurable change in your life. Her extensive media credits include CNN, A&E, ABC's 20/20, FOX News, Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect and The New York Times. 

Veronica offers workshops and lectures as well as professional advice on sex, romance, relationships and love. Her book, Sex Secrets of Escorts - Tips from a Pro (Alpha Books 2005), is available in most major bookstores as well as online.  Tune into Veronica's new radio program, The Shame Free Zone, to ask anonymous questions about sex and dating for free: To find out what Veronica can do for you, visit her website: or call toll free at 888.903.0050.mics.


You are welcome to contact her at
or 888.903.0050 and be sure to visit her websites:,

Veronica featured at: Harbin Hot Springs, CA - October 5-7, 2007

Les Nuckles is a trained and practicing sexual surrogate.  He has helped women overcome issues involving lack of self esteem, poor body image, lack of experience and trust issues.  He has helped them overcome issues that were holding them back from enjoying richer, fuller, more robust sexual relationships. He was featured in an interview in the June 2003 issue of Psychology Today.  Les is also a professional massage therapist and a Watsu Practioner. He lives and practices in Southern California.

Les, and his wife Jan, have been together for over 5 years.  They met at a poly potluck in Southern California and have been together ever since.  Les has always felt poly even before he became aware of the word.  He has always experienced feelings for a number of people and wondered why it was "not alright" to love more then one person.  He discovered the word Polyamory on the internet in 1999 and has been openly practicing that lifestyle since then.

Les and Jan live in a clothing optional resort in southeast Orange County in Southern California.

Les was featured at:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

Master Rex has been exploring the nature of relationship in traditional and kink environments for a number of decades. Influential thinkers include Harville Hendrix, Marshall Rosenberg, Jan Spiller, Martha Beck, Gerard Jampolski, Marianne Williamson and Ted Thomas.

”Endeavoring to raise consciousness one thought at a time.”

Master Rex includes keywords: polyamory, swinging, acting ,music, trading, pisces, venture, capital, communication, health, pleasure, joy, fun, peace, spirit, comfort, internet, beach, grace, love, transparency, ethics.


Miss Jane, M.Ed., is a person who likes stalking wild categories and dangerous labels in their natural habitats.  Her eclectic professional background includes practicing marriage and family therapy, facilitating communication skills training in Outward Bound -style experiences and post-grad study in health promotion and public policy

She has led workshops over the last 17 years on a variety of topics, including parenting skills, healing through patterned breathing and developing global consciousness.  She is currently writing a book about cultivating spiritual awareness through sexuality, with an emphasis on insights earned from recent immersion in the kink arena.

Jane has aligned philosophically with the polyamorous lifestyle for almost 30 years.  She lives ecstatically in a triad with her husband of 11 years and a woman she has known for over 20 years.   She also enjoys her ongoing spirit-expanding and multi-dimensional relationship with Master Rex.

Master Rex & Miss Jane Featured at:
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - October 5-7, 2007
Harbin Hot Spring, CA - May 12-14, 2006
Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Shama Malin, CHt, CDC, TDE

For more than a decade, Shama has been a dynamic force in the Los Angeles community. As lecturer, writer and media personality, she has brought a renewed sense of potential for a better life and world to all those she touches. She has a successful private practice working with individuals and couples bettering their lives and relationships through her talents and training in many different counseling and healing modalities.

Shama offers over 10 years of experience as a hypnotherapist and chemical dependency counselor. She is also trained in Tantra, shamanic psychology and various healing techniques in energy and bodywork. As an educator, group facilitator, and counselor, she specializes in sexual, chemical, and self-esteem Issues and alternative lifestyles.

Click here for Shama's Poly Bio and more pics

Phone: (818) 781-2775

Shama: featured at the following World Polyamory Conferences:
Laguna Beach, CA - October 22-24, 2004

Harbin Hot Springs, CA - June 17-19, 2005

Paul Plamondon

Paul Plamondon has done personal growth workshops for the past 10 years.  He is a passionate man whose zest for life has brought many smiles.  He currently lives in Arizona.  His mission is to create a world of everyone's dreams through inclusion and communication.

Interested persons may learn more about Paul at



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