Intimacy PODS at Harbin Calif Poly Conference, June 17-19, 2005

Sasha and Janet Lessin guide PODS for Intimacy at the Polyamory
Conference,"Honoring Relationship Choice," Harbin Hot Springs
California, June 17- 19

FRIDAY, JUNE 17, first night of the conference: It's 4:45 in the
afternoon. The carpeted-room at Harbin's Conference Center's huge,
curtained and airconditioned. The rug's covered with people in small
clusters and pairs--all adults, adults of every size, age and race.
Some are snuggling. Most wear clothes, though several are half-
naked. A few completely nude. All've been welcomed by World
Polyamory Focalizer Janet Kira Lessin, then by Dave Doleshal.
Janet introduces Dr. Sasha Lessin who'll lead icebreakers and get us
into intimate support groups (pods) before dinner. Likely we'll eat
with at least some of your podmates.

In addition to creating intimacy, support, trust and a friendship
circle, tonight's pod must set the stage for after-dinner a panel
discussion on polyamory paths we've trod as well as well as a group
experience Kelly Bryson leads on compassionate communication and
cuddling, followed by Shama Malim and Don Kraig's playshop
roleplaying entry into an established relation

Pods are small face-to-face primary groups for conference
integration. Our pod's a safe space to nourish community
consciousness, create intimate, relationships us and our podners–the
people in our pod–-can open-up, share what we deeply value and, most
importantly, experience loving support for who we are
and what we do.

Sasha directs us all to stand and mill around the room, shake each
others' hands and gaze in one another's eyes. He says to notice the
attractions that arise. Then, based on attractions we feel, he tells
us to sit with six to twelve other folks.

The group we choose is our POD. It's the group we tell who we are
and what we want. Our pod's the sacred circle of souls who encourage
us to get what we want at the conference and in life. We talk now,
and will talk tomorrow morning and Sunday, just before the
conference ends. We'll talk with our pod mates about
what we're learning about ourselves as we explore poly loving.

Join us, podners; early registration discounts in effect through May
31. Cut the internet address below, paste it in browser, get the
numbers, fill out the form, come to Harbin and hug Janet. She's been
working hard and needs hugs.