Explore the art of sacred loving. Celebrate love and passion; enjoy tantric energy exchanges, partnering, lovemaking, sharing, compassionate communication. Celebrate Sacred Sensuality is based on All-Chakra Tantra, the unique, comprehensive, expansive, taught exclusively by Janet and Sasha Lessin, Ph. D. All-Chakra Tantra blends tantra practices with modern transformative, spiritual sexuality exercises and Jungian psychology to give you hands-on experiences, reverent relationship rituals, inspirational demonstrations, fun-filled fantasy fulfillments and coached coupling. Advance your consciousness, improve your partnership and love more.

Friday, June 24, 7 - 10 PM: ALL-CHAKRA TANTRA RITUAL: all present get to know each other in the course of learning and practicing with the opening of each of their energy centers in a tantric ritual. In the All-Chakra Tantra Ceremony (Puja) rites, we send, receive and blend with seven partners. As we rotate among partners, we relate in a structured energy exchange for each, with a different partner, energy from each of our seven energy centers--chakras (members of a couple can, alternatively, do all the rites with each other). The rite we do with each successive partner flows from a syllable of the Bija Mantra, where each syllable awakens a different chakra. One partner, one chakra: security, sensuality, power, love, communication, insight and spirituality awaken. Then we return to our initial partner for the entire, kundalini-charged Mantra, expand your consciousness to one shared with your partner, with the group.

Saturday, June 25, 10AM - 6:30PM: REALLY LOVE WOMEN
Learn how to help a woman open all chakras as you communicate kindly and effectively, heal her wounds, remove her (and your) limits to loving in connected lovemaking rituals that bring consciousness to lovemaking, where lovemaking heightens your spiritual awareness. The Lessins demonstrate how to give her the mind-blowing amrita (female ejaculate) orgasm.

Sunday, June 26, 11AM - 5PM: LOVE MEN
The Lessins guide you as you learn to mirror, validate and empathize with a man, communicate compassionately, heal his hurts, gift and touch him, stimulate him satisfactorily, help him master ejaculatory control.


Before June 1st - $250 single, $425 couple
June 1st & after - $295 single, $475 couple
7 - 10 PM,  Saturday 10AM - 6PM, Sunday 11AM - 5PM

To register call 808-244-4103 or CLICK HERE FOR CHICAGO REGISTRATION FORM 
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